William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if you can.

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 This search warrant covers and controls the procedure for searching:  (1)
electronic or computer devices, related equipment or media which has been
authorized to be seized pursuant to this warrant on the basis that it is
contraband or a direct instrumentality used to commit the crime, and (2)
electronic or computer devices, related equipment or media for which
seizure has not been specifically authorized.  Agents are authorized to
seize and remove from the premises such electronic or computer device,
including computer system input/output (I/O) peripheral devices, software
and media so that a qualified computer expert can accurately search for and
retrieve the data in a laboratory or other controlled environment when this
is necessary in order to search and retrieve the data or information
authorized to be searched for and seized pursuant to this warrant.

      "Agents and computer experts working with agents are authorized to
seize the relevant system software (operating systems, interfaces and
hardware drivers), any applications software which may have been used to
create the data (whether stored on hard drives or on external media), as
well as all related instruction manuals or other documentation and data
security devices (including but not limited to passwords, keycards and
dongles) in order to facilitate the authorized search.  In addition, if
necessary for data retrieval, they are authorized to reconfigure the system
in order to accurately search for and retrieve the evidence stored therein.
 If, after inspecting the I/O devices, software, documentation and data
security devices, the analyst determines that these items are no longer
necessary to search for, retrieve and preserve the data, and if the
software, documentation and devices have not been seized pursuant to the
warrant as contraband or instrumentalities of the crime, the items shall be
returned within a reasonable time."


Example of an actual warrant:


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> as this thread has moved firmly to legal opinions, i now scan it for
> postings by folk i know are actual lawyers and whack the rest.  if you
> are a lawyer, but not well known as such, please say so right up front
> in your message.
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