Color vision for network techs

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Fri Aug 31 21:07:52 UTC 2012

Yeah, I had that trouble with the old Cabletron (Enterasys) network management software. About 6% of Euro-American males suffer from Deuteranopia. I cannot see the difference between dark green and dark red. Bright green and bright red are better. It was not possible to adjust the Cabletron software. Contrary to popular belief, most of us can easily tell the difference between red and green traffic signals.

Color-proficient readers can get an idea of our disability from this website that sells Photoshop filters for graphics artists:

Check out the Examples.

matthew black
california state university, long beach

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 I installed monitoring software with different colored status dots,
and discovered that we had three color-blind team members. After a
pleasant hour's tweaking I ended up with green diamonds, red X's,
purple squares, and yellow exclamation points (and on this particular
application a mouse-over would also tell you the name of the color
gif) Looked better for *everyone*.

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