Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Fri Aug 31 18:38:30 UTC 2012

The below email exchange may be of interest to some of you. The 
practical upshot is that it appears "the range was 
hijacked and should be included into the DROP list".

As an interesting aside, quoting a friend:

"the original company (that performed dangerous waste utilization) may 
have been a shady thing in and of itself (..) what most companies 
calling themselves "ecoservice" (with variations) do is take money for 
"safe utilisation" of hazardous waste, and then dump it in some old 
quarry out in the remote (or not so remote) corner of a forest or other 
natural area (..) they always have criminal links and protection from 
corrupts officials (often co-owners) and security/law enforcement services"

> From: Jeroen van Aart

> there is 
> nothing but crap coming from Amongst other things 
> attempts to spam (through) wordpress sites.

> inetnum: -
> netname:         Donekoserv
> descr:           DonEkoService Ltd

Don - name of the nearby large river.
"EkoService" means ecological service.

> country:         RU
> org:             ORG-DS41-RIPE
> person:         Haralevich Piotr
> address:        novocherkassk, ul stremyannaya d.6
> mnt-by:         MNT-DONECO
> phone:          +74951000000

nic-hdl: HP2220-RIPE
changed: admin at donecoserv.ru 20101117

The company performed dangerous waste utilization:
But domains donecoserv.ru and donekoservis.ru don't exist anymore.

11 router02.spbbm18.ru.edpnet.net ( 65.979 ms 65.971 ms 
66.182 ms
12 ( 88.868 ms 47.809 ms 
13 (  48.235 ms  48.546 ms  48.664 ms
14 ajursrv.parohod.biz (  47.957 ms  47.752 ms  47.606 ms
15 mail.rx-helps.com (  48.206 ms  48.302 ms  48.237 ms

SPb (Sankt-Peterburg) is 1500 km from Novocherkassk.
parohod.biz also is in Sankt-Peterburg, they offer SEO (which I consider 
spamming websites and search engines).

Also, see
http://support.clean-mx.de/clean-mx/[email protected]&response=

| January 3, 2011
| inetnum:
| netname: Donekoserv
| descr: DonEkoService Ltd
| country: RU
| org: ORG-DS41-RIPE
| organisation: ORG-DS41-RIPE
| org-name: DonEko Service
| org-type: OTHER
| address: novocherkassk, ul stremyannaya d.6
| e-mail: admin at bulletproof-web.com

Note "bulletproof".

Therefore, the range was hijacked
and should be included into the DROP list.

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