Redundant Routes, BGP with MPLS provider

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On 08/31/2012 09:21 AM, Bill.Ingrum at wrote:
> I think having a GRE tunnel for the internal routing protocol is 
> unnecessary.  Can you explain the reasoning behind this?  I
> understand the technical issue whereby GRE will allow multicast for
> EIGRP, OSPF, etc, but why not just redistribute into BGP?
> I work on a lot of MPLS CE routers, and in general you can
> accomplish anything you need by redistributing your internal
> routing protocol into BGP, and adjusting LP, MED and AS Prepend as
> needed.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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Using bgp communities (MED attribute "inbound") helped influence our
path(s) between our mpls providers.

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> On 8/30/12, Tribble, Wesley <WTribble at> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am an Network Operator working in an Enterprise environment
>> with offices all over the country(mostly connected via MPLS).  We
>> are currently working towards building a Disaster Recovery Site
>> that will host some of our vendor routers and provide the
>> capability to access these vendors from both our primary and
>> backup data center locations.
>> The routes(as advertised by the vendor's routers) will be the
>> same at both locations.  I would like to advertise the routes
>> from multiple locations at the same time, rather than suppress
>> the routes and
> advertise conditionally.
> At work, we have our internal routing protocol running on GRE over
> IPSec tunnels & keep the BGP sessions with the MPLS provider
> limited to just the MPLS network.  And have an ACL on the MPLS
> network interface that allows only what's expected in...   some
> providers are better than others at not having anything hit the
> 'deny any any log' line
> Regards, Lee
>> What is the best method to Instruct the provider's network to
>> prefer the Primary Data Center routes over the DR site?  Keep in
>> mind that I am only peering with the provider over BGP and I have
>> no visibility to
>> the underlying MPLS architecture or configuration.  Although if
>> you have specific questions  about their architecture, I can work
>> to get
> answers.
>> Discussing in house, we have gone over a few different options:
>> -Advertise specific routes from primary site and summary routes
>> from the DR site.  Most specific will always be chosen. -Prepend
>> the routes from the DR site so that they will have a longer 
>> AS-path than the Primary location -Use Community Strings to
>> influence local preference.(Still working to find out if Provider
>> will pass our community strings)
>> Just looking for some ideas and best practices.  Any thoughts or
>>  insight would be much welcomed and appreciated.  This is my
>> first message on NANOG, so please be gentle.  I apologize in
>> advance if I have done something incorrectly.
>> Wes
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