Redundant Routes, BGP with MPLS provider

Walter Keen walter.keen at
Fri Aug 31 15:12:57 UTC 2012

Assuming the MPLS provider is a single company, and uses BGP at all sites to talk to your routers, I would simply set the MED (in cisco terms) to reflect what you desire. 

This assumes however that the failover you require is based on the router at the primary site going down. I understand it's for DR, but if you have your routing equipment on a UPS/Generator at the primary site, it's something to think about. DR may mean more than just your link or site going down, for some people it goes as far as the server farm going down (but the router still up). Something to think about. 

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> -Prepend the routes from the DR site so that they will have a longer AS-path than the Primary location 


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