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> I hear you guys, It's done that way for a bit of traffic steering.
> If I could get away with just the aggregates I would, Trust me.
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> >Please, unless you really know why you need to do otherwise, just 
> >originate your aggregates.
> +1

That should be unnessecary, the local prefs should already be winning as a customer vs transit/peer for equal prefix length.

As an aside, generally inbound traffic steering as a reason for disaggregation is fairly frowned upon by the community at large as it effectively makes everyone else pay more in additional hardware cost for your savings.


If you have provided addressing from your aggregate to your customer and they have indicated that they are multi-homing, you need to preserve their prefix-length in your outbound advertisements, or the redundant provider carries the inbound traffic.  Is this also frowned on?  To me, this is the multihoming tax we all pay for.


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