Bird vs Quagga revisited

David Lamparter equinox at
Thu Aug 23 17:26:27 CDT 2012

> > Personally I would like to see more work on all three opensource
> > implementations, i.e. BIRD, OpenBGPd and Quagga.
> to the rescue?

Hi, I'm David Lamparter, employed at the OpenSourceRouting (OSR) project
to maintain Quagga.

I can tell you that the OSR's interest is in providing a stable
open-source routing platform for actual switches/routers (with either a
software or hardware forwarding plane).  Quagga and BIRD were considered
equally; Quagga's single-RIB design and existence of isisd were what
tipped the scales.

We primarily perform conformance and scale testing and fix/enhance in
those areas; also we support 3rd parties in cleaning and submitting
Quagga patches/features.

OSPF and IS-IS are stronger targets currently since they need more work
than BGP, and also Euro-IX already did much of the latter.  Merging that
is on the TODO, but it's a lot of work.  Even as a Quagga maintainer, I
must currently recommend against using mainline Quagga as a route
server.  Please use Euro-IX Quagga, and if you can/want, convince your
decisionmakers to support Chris Hall on that -- I've been told future
work on the Euro-IX Quagga branch is not certain.

There's been a BoF on RIPE64 with OSR, BIRD and Quagga involvement.
There'll be one at RIPE65 again I think.  Either way if you have
questions, feel free to ask.

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