Bizarre (.bz) abuse report - are we alone?

valdis.kletnieks at valdis.kletnieks at
Tue Aug 28 12:37:30 UTC 2012

On Sun, 26 Aug 2012 19:35:54 -0700, Jay Hennigan said:
> On 8/25/12 3:29 PM, no-reply at wrote:
> > We have noticed illegal activity from [redacted] aimed at one of our servers.
> > Please disable these brute force attempts, port scans and/or neighbour scanning technologies.

I haven't seen something this clue-challenged since the CIRT for one of the US
military branches sent me an e-mail about network probes.  Turned out that it
was our Listserv machine, trying to send to the IP address that was listed as
an MX for one of their subdomains, and said IP didn't have anything listening
at port 25.

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