has been Allocated

Otis L. Surratt, Jr. otis at ocosa.com
Thu Aug 23 05:54:18 UTC 2012

My apologies again, I saw it as and not

I've been working long hours last couple nights. Yeah you are probably right, since they to pulled that one very close to RFC1918.


I would hate to be AT&T for this IP allocation. Heck, I would simple push more IPv6 if I were them.

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You can do a whois search at arin.net to see the allocation. is often confused with the private address
space, which I would consider a 'scraping the bottom of the barrel'

I also noticed a couple of subnets in that range showing up in the weekly
Cidr reports, beginning in July.

On 08/23/12 00:29 -0500, Otis L. Surratt, Jr. wrote:
>Can you provide a link to support this?
>If this is true, I wonder how this will work.
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> was allocated on 2012-08-20 to AT&T Internet

Dan White

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