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Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Thu Aug 23 01:36:39 UTC 2012

> Google can afford to start almost any project they want,  and they are
> in a unique position to negotiate peering and access to a ton of
> bandwidth,

... kind of like all the other major incumbents like at&t, Comcast, and
all those.  Of course, the difference is that at&t, Comcast, etc., all
have cable TV offerings, and these companies can all see that inexpensive
high speed Internet access has the potential to destroy the lucrative
existing TV subscription model that they enjoy.

Claims that the US is somehow magically different than other countries
sound pretty feeble at this point; service providers like Sonic.net
are doing FTTH, and municipal broadband projects are sufficiently scary
to incumbents that they've spent years fighting them in court, rather
than just letting them get built and then collapse - so apparently the
incumbents are pretty certain that these projects would be successful.

250GB/month isn't a whole lot of data when you look at high-def movies.
You can exceed 250GB/mo by running a flat 1Mbps.  Comcast apparently
has a 305Mbps tier (at quite a steep price).  Coupled with a 250GB/mo
cap, that's what, a few hours of 100% use?  :-)  Comcast fans need not 
beat me up, I know there've been some "changes" recently, but I don't 
know exactly what...

It would be nice to see some useful options.  I mean, we all hate frame
relay, right, but the idea of a CIR with an ability to make use of extra
capacity the network might happen to have available makes a certain
amount of sense.  I don't expect to see anything like that anytime soon
for all the obvious reasons.  Heh.

... JG
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