Bird vs Quagga revisited

Guillaume Barrot guillaume.barrot at
Wed Aug 22 07:30:42 UTC 2012


I came across this site a few weeks ago

Seems that Google (or at least some Googlers) are working on quagga, or
worked as the last update is tagged July 2011.
Main difference I see between Quagga and Bird, is that it is now possible
to run ISIS on Quagga, but I did not perform a full comparaison of this two


2012/8/22 Hank Nussbacher <hank at>

> Sorry to disrupt the bad cabling thread, but I'd like to revisit a thread
> from 2 years ago.  I have read over the NANOG presentations:
> Jasinska_RouteServer_N48.pdf<>
> Filip_BIRD_final_N48.pdf<>
> as well as the NANOG thread:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.**com/lists/nanog/users/123027<>
> But have not found anything worthwhile on the matter over the past 2 years.
> Both Quagga and BIRD have developed since the comparison in 2010:
> But has anyone performed a more recent comparsion?  Does Quagga still
> suffer from performance issues vs BIRD?  Has anyone performed an RFC
> conformance test to see who complies more strictly to all the various RFCs?
> If BIRD is so much better than Quagga why is there no instance at Oregon:
> I also notice that BSD Router Project supports both:
> How well do the two coexist at the same time?  Any migration issues going
> from Quagga to BIRD? Any feedback appreciated.
> We now take you back to cable wars :-)
> Thanks,
> Hank


Guillaume BARROT

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