Bird vs Quagga revisited

Andy Davidson andy at
Wed Aug 22 10:38:24 UTC 2012

On 22/08/12 06:19, Hank Nussbacher wrote:
> Sorry to disrupt the bad cabling thread, but I'd like to revisit a
> thread from 2 years ago.  I have read over the NANOG presentations:

Much of the Quagga pain discussed openly in 2010 was related to its
performance as a route-server (which in a large instance might need to
converge many millions of best paths, in a multiple table setup).  A
route-server is more like a database which uses bgp as its interface,
than it is a router.  The problems that we felt as exchange operators at
this time were different to the ones that people using these packages as
a router felt.

> Both Quagga and BIRD have developed since the comparison in 2010:

I'm not clear what you care about from a performance point of view -
forwarding ?  acting as a route-server ?  collector ?  BIRD is a great,
super-fast route-server daemon - much "better" than typical competitors
Quagga and OpenBGPd at this job.  In a forwarding capacity, I do not
know and I would really think that Operating system performance and
environment tuning will have more to do with forwarding performance than
the daemon used.

I am hoping that forwarding best-practice information for Quagga
eventually comes out of this project :


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