Bird vs Quagga revisited

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Wed Aug 22 05:19:39 UTC 2012

Sorry to disrupt the bad cabling thread, but I'd like to revisit a thread 
from 2 years ago.  I have read over the NANOG presentations:
as well as the NANOG thread:
But have not found anything worthwhile on the matter over the past 2 years.

Both Quagga and BIRD have developed since the comparison in 2010:

But has anyone performed a more recent comparsion?  Does Quagga still 
suffer from performance issues vs BIRD?  Has anyone performed an RFC 
conformance test to see who complies more strictly to all the various RFCs?

If BIRD is so much better than Quagga why is there no instance at Oregon:

I also notice that BSD Router Project supports both:
How well do the two coexist at the same time?  Any migration issues going 
from Quagga to BIRD? Any feedback appreciated.

We now take you back to cable wars :-)


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