NANOG poll: favorite cable labeler?

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Tue Aug 21 22:16:14 CDT 2012

We use the Brady IDXPERT label makers to create the self-laminating cable labels and Brother P-Touch to label devices, etc.

The Brady label printers and supplies are a bit more expensive than the Brother but it's worth it for the cable labels.

The Brother supplies are available at most office supply stores so you don't have issues with running out of label tape in the middle of a project; several different colors are available, etc.

Both machines run in AA batteries (or AC wall-wort)

There are lots of cartridge options for the Brady printers that we haven't explored yet just because we've been using the Brother printers for far longer.  

This dual-box approach has been working for us for many years but if I had to pick only one, I'd probably go with the Brady.

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Hey everyone,

Many moons ago I worked in a place where we had a Brady LS2000 wire labeler.  So long as the supplies were fresh it was great.

In the storage unit I have a Brady TLS2200.  Supplies are expensive, but it works reasonably well.  Unfortunately the battery is shot (gotta replace that).

It seems to me that as cheap as the Brother P-Touch type labelers have gotten that there might be some product by (Brady|Dymo|Brother|etc) that everyone uses and recommends these days which is (a) cheap enough that they can be deployed en masse rather than treated as a scarce resource, (b) hopefully runs on standard (such as AAA) battery types, and (c) has reasonably priced supplies.

Labeling cables is mostly what I'm interested in.  The el-cheapo p-touch seems adequate to putting hostnames on machines.



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