Comcast vs. Verizon for repair methodologies

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I can tell you that I certainly would not eat a penalty for their
failure to identify a 3 month build-out delay.

Steven Naslund

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Comcast annoys me. I never have any problems with the people you get
when you call in, or the tech support people, but their contractors

At home the Comcast line boxes serving the apartments aren't even
closed. They just sit open and fill up with rain until things crap out.
The contractor eventually turns up when the packet loss hits 90% or so.
We were out of service for weeks at a time. Even after I reported it
Comcast corporate can't seem to get the contractor to give enough of a
shit to close things up properly. It hasn't crapped out in awhile but
we've had a drought. I'm sure it'll start acting up again once fall gets

At the office we have a similar issue. They've been bombarding us with
ads non-stop, even now, we get a new Comcast ad about twice a week. In
mid-June we ordered a line as a backup for our other line and to replace
the phone service because the budget is tight. They told us we'd have
service by the end of the month. We arranged for the telco to drop Long
Distance service on the lines at that time to keep the numbers live in
case there was a delay in porting out. (Telco said they'd drop the
service but then went ahead billed us for it anyway, but that's another
story). Anyway, Comcast contractor shows up to do their pre-wire
inspection and tells me they don't have service anywhere near here and
it will take them a month to pull a wire here before they can start. So
we wait more. Week before last the boss calls Comcast to ask where our
line is. Turns out they've lost our LOA and need us to re-send it. We
do. They schedule another tech and give us an install date a week later
(end of last week). We wait for the tech, but he never shows. So we call
Comcast to ask where the tech is. He closed the ticket without showing
up, saying it would take them another 3 months to get service here.

We haven't decided if we're going to wait more or just cancel the
contract and eat whatever penalty is involved. I get the feeling they
want us to cancel so they don't have to build out. I really can't see
this ending well for us.

On Aug 21, 2012, at 10:00 AM, "Robert E. Seastrom" <rs at>

> You're lucky.  Verizon did a great job installing mine (ONT on the
> backboard I put in the basement for them, handoff on ethernet rather
> than MOCA, etc) but somehow never managed to get around to dispatching
> anyone to actually install the permanent fiber drop (despite multiple
> calls).
> Fast-forward four months.  I'd narrowly avoided messing up the
> temporary fiber with the lawnmower (going so far as to put orange
> paint on the lawn myself), but no such luck when they harvested the
> corn next door.
> Yes, my fiber got cut by a combine.  You can't make this stuff up.
> Second time around, they did in fact manage to get the fiber buried,
> where I wanted it even.  Had to meet with the construction survey guy,
> who was more than happy to put the white paint where I wanted it.
> -r
> Thomas Nadeau <tnadeau at> writes:
>> 	My VZ FioS install was similarly fantastic. Those guys have
figured out that spending a little more time, effort and cable (cat6 in
the case of VZ) goes a long, long way in keeping customers happy.
>> 	--Tom
>> On Aug 20, 2012:7:43 PM, at 7:43 PM, Randy Bush <randy at>
>>> on bainbridge, i replaced centurystink dsl (756k/256k for $65/mo)
>>> comcast (20m/4m for $50/mo).  the installer was a knarly old dog,
>>> damned competent.  he cleaned up old cable on the pole and where it
>>> underground to the house.  he cleaned up the box and replaced
>>> junctions.  then he accidentally left 8m of coax to get from the
>>> cable outlet to my 'puter area, and rode off in his white van into
>>> sunset.
>>> now if i could get that kind of professionalism from twt in hawaii
>>> randy

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