Comcast vs. Verizon for repair methodologies

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Tue Aug 21 13:54:55 UTC 2012

I think the issue is that the field techs wanted to get the customer up
and running.  Most of the outside plant stuff is done by contractors and
it takes time to get them on the job.  Sometimes a work around is the
best they can do.  How long was it like that?

Steven Naslund

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On 12-08-20 04:25 PM, Leo Bicknell wrote:
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W. Gilmore wrote:
>> The story: A piece of underground cable went bad.  The techs didn't
pull new underground cable.  They decided it was better to do it "arial"
(if you can call 2 feet "arial").  They took apart the two pedestals on
either side of the break and ran a new strand of RG6 (yes, the same
stuff you use inside your home, not the outside-plant rated stuff) tied
to trees with rope.
> Why is that cable still in place?
> That's a hint, not really a question. :)

That cable definitely needs to be removed in the interest of... uhh... 
"community safety".  Yeah, that's it.  You're worried about the puppies 
and children hurting themselves.  ;)

(Double-mega-extra-bonus points if you convince your local city services

to do it!)

- Pete

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