[NANOG-announce] Call for Board Member Nominations for 2012 Elections - August 20 to October 1, 2012

Sylvie LaPerriere sylvie at newnog.org
Tue Aug 21 04:07:58 UTC 2012

*Dear NANOGers,

Hope you are enjoying this great Summer.  Following our August 4 posting
‘‘Announcing the October 2012 NANOG Elections’ which provided a preview
into our election process, we are now pleased to open the Call for Board
Member Nominations for the three vacant positions on the Board of
Directors.  The nomination period starts August 20 and closes October 1,
2012 at 23:59 Pacific Standard Time.

If you are nominating another person, please send that person's name and
email address to nominations at nanog.org and we will contact them to
acknowledge their willingness to stand and will ask them to submit
their Declaration
of Candidacy Form
If you are nominating yourself, please submit your Declaration of Candidacy
Form (Doc)<http://www.nanog.org/governance/elections/2012elections/2012_Declaration_of_Candidacy.docx>to
nominations at nanog.org.

Below is the summary of the role and a detailed description may be
consulted at http://www.nanog.org/governance/BOD_Responsibilities.pdf


Position: Board Member

Time commitment:

Five hours per week (meetings, preparation, consultation) for Members or
Eight hours per week (meetings, preparation, consultation) for Officers
(Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer).

Term:        Two years. Maximum of two consecutive terms.


The Board of Directors are collectively accountable to the community,
sponsors and other stakeholders. They are accountable for NANOG’s
performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives and for the
effective stewardship of financial and human resources.


Individual board members have no authority to approve actions by NANOG, to
direct staff, or to speak on behalf for NANOG, unless given such authority
by the board.


Board members are responsible for acting in the best long-term interests of
the organization and its community and will bring to the task of informed
decision-making, a broad knowledge and an inclusive perspective.

General Duties

Every member of the Board of Directors is expected to do the following:

·      Be a NANOG member in good standing

·      Prepare for and attend board meetings every fortnight

·      Work as a team member and support board decisions

·      Participate in the review of NANOG’s mission and objectives and the
development of a strategic plan

·      Monitor the performance of the organization in relation to
objectives and core values

·      Approve the budget and monitor financial performance in relation to

·      Abide by the by-laws, code of conduct and other policies that apply
to the board

·      Establish, review and monitor policies that guide core operational
practices (eg. financial management, human resource management)

·      Participate in hiring and releasing the Executive Director

·      Participate in the evaluation of the Executive Director

·      Participate in the recruitment of new board members

·      Participate in the evaluation of the board itself

·      Participate in committee work (liaison)

·      Appoint Standing committees members

·      Appoint Ad-Hoc committees members.

·      Attend two out of every three NANOG conferences

·      Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and
objectives of NANOG


The following are considered key job qualifications:

·     Knowledge of the community

·    Experience in or willingness to participate in the governance of a
non-profit organization

·    Demonstrated aptitudes for financial management
·    Leadership, outreach and communication skills

·     Commitment to organization’s mission and strategic directions

·     A commitment of time

·     Consensus organizing and openness to learning

Removal of a Board Member

A Board of Directors member who misses three or more meetings in a row and
who does not attend any Board of Directors meetings for three months may be


The Board of Directors is an active and engaged component of NANOG. As
NANOG continues to evolve, our Board and our Committees will continue to
play an increasingly important role in our success.  We thank you in
advance for becoming NANOG members and taking an active part in our

Best regards


Sylvie LaPerriere

NANOG Board Chair   -  www.nanog.org
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