Comcast vs. Verizon for repair methodologies

Joe Greco jgreco at
Mon Aug 20 21:31:36 UTC 2012

> The story: A piece of underground cable went bad.  The techs didn't pull =
> new underground cable.  They decided it was better to do it "arial" (if =
> you can call 2 feet "arial").  They took apart the two pedestals on =
> either side of the break and ran a new strand of RG6 (yes, the same =
> stuff you use inside your home, not the outside-plant rated stuff) tied =
> to trees with rope.

In Comcast's defense, sometimes the guys who do "inside" work will
try to fix things to Make Customers Happy, but they typically don't
have access to the supplies, shovels, and Ditch Witches to bury the
cable properly.

I'm not saying it's not a problem, but I'm saying maybe give the guys
who did it a little break.  It's a systemic problem most here are
familiar with that you're never able to reach the right party, and 
that might not get any better if you are the Comcast tech who needs 
an outside plant crew to fix something.

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