Comcast vs. Verizon for repair methodologies

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at
Mon Aug 20 20:30:41 UTC 2012

On 12-08-20 04:25 PM, Leo Bicknell wrote:
> In a message written on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 04:12:22PM -0400, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
>> The story: A piece of underground cable went bad.  The techs didn't pull new underground cable.  They decided it was better to do it "arial" (if you can call 2 feet "arial").  They took apart the two pedestals on either side of the break and ran a new strand of RG6 (yes, the same stuff you use inside your home, not the outside-plant rated stuff) tied to trees with rope.
> Why is that cable still in place?
> That's a hint, not really a question. :)

That cable definitely needs to be removed in the interest of... uhh... 
"community safety".  Yeah, that's it.  You're worried about the puppies 
and children hurting themselves.  ;)

(Double-mega-extra-bonus points if you convince your local city services 
to do it!)

- Pete

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