Comcast vs. Verizon for repair methodologies

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Mon Aug 20 20:12:22 UTC 2012

Given the recent VZ thread, I thought I'd show why my new house has crap Internet.

The story: A piece of underground cable went bad.  The techs didn't pull new underground cable.  They decided it was better to do it "arial" (if you can call 2 feet "arial").  They took apart the two pedestals on either side of the break and ran a new strand of RG6 (yes, the same stuff you use inside your home, not the outside-plant rated stuff) tied to trees with rope.


These pedestals have looked like this for months apparently.  I called the 800 # and complained, they rolled a truck.  The guy didn't even come in my house, just gave me his supervisor's number and said that he's a home tech, the outside plant guys are the problem and he can't fix it.  A second guy rolled up while we were chatting and told me he had a call around the block for the same thing.  They've been taking complaints about this for months and are as tired of it as we are.  I assured them I was more tired of it, given he was getting paid while I was paying, but I understood their situation.

Of course, since the other "broadband" option at my house is 1 Mbps Verizon DSL, I don't have much leverage. :(


P.S. Worst part is AT&T sux there too, so I have a picocell - which runs over the Comcast cable mode....

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