Verizon's New Repair Method: Plastic Garbage Bags

Otis L. Surratt, Jr. otis at
Mon Aug 20 19:45:47 UTC 2012

+1 for agreeing needs to be restrung.

This made me laugh! Nice humor for the day.

But you know someone should call the utility company that owns the pole
and report it. Also file a complaint with your ROW division and
corporation commission.

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Can we all just agree that the whole pole needs to be restrung?

That's horrible!

On Aug 20, 2012, at 3:25 PM, Harry Hoffman <hhoffman at>

> What? That's totally legit. Look! There's even bubble wrap there for 
> cushioning! ;-)
> On 08/20/2012 03:09 PM, Eric Wieling wrote:
>> For a while we have had a customer with some lines which go down
every time it rains.   We put in the trouble ticket, a couple of days
later Verizon says the issue is resolved...until the next time it rains.

>> The customer sent us some pictures today of the pole outside their
office.   The repair appears to be wrapping some plastic bags around
something up on the pole.  Here is link to the pictures the customer
sent us, in case anyone in the mood for a good scare.

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