HSRP vs VRRP for IPv6 on IOS-XE - rekindling an old flame

-Hammer- bhmccie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 14:39:10 UTC 2012

And two seconds after I hit send I find an updated article....



If you have more information I still welcome it. I'm going to go sit in 
the corner now...


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On 8/20/2012 9:36 AM, -Hammer- wrote:
> A while back I brought up a discussion about IPv6 and I mentioned 
> having some HSRP issues. Not end of the world, just adjusting to IPv6. 
> Several folks went offline to tell me that I should dump "legacy" HSRP 
> and go to VRRP. While I never did find anyone who could explain how 
> HSRP is a sunset feature in IOS, I did agree with a few folks to look 
> into VRRP for IPv6. Well I'm just now getting around to it and there 
> is literally nothing out there. I found a few older articles implying 
> that it's not there yet and of course I found the usual docs about RAs 
> and SLAC and whatnot. But nothing recent. So, for those who criticized 
> me previously about using HSRP (or anyone else) instead of VRRP, do 
> you have VRRP up and running on Cisco IOS-XE and if so how? Can anyone 
> provide a link or a document explaining how this is accomplished? 
> Sample configs? Usually if you can't find it on Google or CCO it's not 
> promising. I'm also reaching out to our AS team for guidance on the 
> subject.
> PS: I'm not taunting here. It's just that several folks made the 
> effort to go offline with me and tell me how wrong I was with HSRP and 
> that I need to progress to VRRP and I can't find a single doc on the 
> subject now that I look. Were these folks mistaken or am I missing 
> something? Any help would be appreciated.

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