HSRP vs VRRP for IPv6 on IOS-XE - rekindling an old flame

-Hammer- bhmccie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 14:36:26 UTC 2012

A while back I brought up a discussion about IPv6 and I mentioned having 
some HSRP issues. Not end of the world, just adjusting to IPv6. Several 
folks went offline to tell me that I should dump "legacy" HSRP and go to 
VRRP. While I never did find anyone who could explain how HSRP is a 
sunset feature in IOS, I did agree with a few folks to look into VRRP 
for IPv6. Well I'm just now getting around to it and there is literally 
nothing out there. I found a few older articles implying that it's not 
there yet and of course I found the usual docs about RAs and SLAC and 
whatnot. But nothing recent. So, for those who criticized me previously 
about using HSRP (or anyone else) instead of VRRP, do you have VRRP up 
and running on Cisco IOS-XE and if so how? Can anyone provide a link or 
a document explaining how this is accomplished? Sample configs? Usually 
if you can't find it on Google or CCO it's not promising. I'm also 
reaching out to our AS team for guidance on the subject.

PS: I'm not taunting here. It's just that several folks made the effort 
to go offline with me and tell me how wrong I was with HSRP and that I 
need to progress to VRRP and I can't find a single doc on the subject 
now that I look. Were these folks mistaken or am I missing something? 
Any help would be appreciated.



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-Jack Herer

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