DNS caches that support partitioning ?

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Mon Aug 20 12:43:10 UTC 2012

Raymond Dijkxhoorn <raymond at prolocation.net> wrote:
> When you use forwarding it doesnt cache the entry. ('forward only'
> option in bind for example).

That's incorrect. Try configuring a forwarded zone and observe the TTLs
you get in responses. The "forward only" option disables recursion but
not cacheing.

> I talked with Paul Vixie about doing this internal inside bind but that was
> not something they would be delighted to do (at least not now). If you could
> define how large your cache pool was for certain objects that would fix it
> also.

You might be able to hack it using a combination of forwarding zones,
views, max-cache-ttl, and attach-cache.

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