DNS caches that support partitioning ?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Sun Aug 19 21:37:31 UTC 2012

In message <DDF607B5-415B-41E8-9222-EB549D3DBB0C at semihuman.com>, Chris Woodfiel
d writes:
> What Patrick said. For large sites that offer services in multiple data =
> centers on multiple IPs that can individually fail at any time, 300 =
> seconds is actually a bit on the long end.
> -C

Which is why the DNS supports multiple address records.  Clients
don't have to wait a minutes to fallover to a second address.  One
doesn't have to point all the addresses returned to the closest
data center.  One can get sub-second fail over in clients as HE
code shows.

As for the original problem.  LRU replacement will keep "hot" items in
the cache unless it is seriously undersized.


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