IRR-clueful person at 3356?

Patrick Sumby patrick.sumby at
Fri Aug 17 15:45:34 UTC 2012

L3 can be tricky with IRR especially if you have objects split across 
multiple IRR databases.

This should help with what filters you want them to put on:

You can test before using:

whois -h "RIPE::YOUR-AS-SET 
-searchpath=RIPE;ARIN;RADB -recurseok -warnonly"


On 17/08/2012 16:16, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Sorry for the extremely broad email but I'm trying to sort out an IRR
> issue regarding automatic filter generation at Level(3) on behalf of a
> friend.
> The telemetry I'm getting (thirdhand and believed to originate from
> first line support) suggests that both Level(3)'s direct customer and
> any downstreams of that customer need to be in the same IRR component.
> If true this would be a rather startling shortcoming of their filter
> generation software and at odds with the whole point of having
> multiple components to the IRR system.
> Anyone got any pointers or help?  Email to rr at has not
> gotten us anywhere, but I was not the one who sent it and can't
> guarantee that the right questions were asked.
> Thanks,
> -r

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