Finding "Name Servers" (not NS records) of domain name

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Fri Aug 17 14:39:34 UTC 2012

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> From: "Matthew Palmer" <mpalmer at>

> I religiously use the moment I suspect *any*
> sort of DNS hinkiness. Verbose, but *damn* if it doesn't hand me the answer
> practically every time.

We have three of those on the Tools page at

They optimize for different things, and have differing levels of verbosity,
but they are all useful tools.  Submissions of other such useful tools are
always welcome (though the wiki is moving to larger hosting this week, and
may be in read-only mode if you go there right now. ;-)

There's also a collection of system/network status page links there:

I hope to find a few free hours this weekend to clean that page up a bit;
link rot is no less prevalent for us than anywhere else.

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