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Tue Aug 14 14:28:25 UTC 2012

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> From: "shawn wilson" <ag4ve.us at gmail.com>

> so, i see they made the asterisk server fail over by unplugging a node
> and that's cool but not what i need. what i want is a way to keep a
> connection with an asterisk server (or any other preferably free voip
> server) when one path fails. this wouldn't be an issue if i could
> garante a sip gateway at each ap (wifi or 3g).

I rather think that what you need -- you're trying to do cross-WAN roaming,
right? -- is mobile IP on the handset.  I'm not sure if you can get there
from here, though.  You may need to build your own VPN to do it.

I'm relatively certain that you will *not* be able to get it down to 
intra-call time delays, though, without aid from the various carriers.

If you have full control over both the client and the server, and you can
find a way to convince the phone's stacks not to drop an old connection until
it's idle, you might be able to do this at the client level.

Or, just take the battery hit, and stay 4G at all times; that'll do it.

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