Any Idea About Spectrum-DMR-104-1 ?!

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Mon Aug 13 18:18:32 UTC 2012

I have no experience with Spectrum. 

As an alternative you could look at UBNT. They have some nice radios you
could explore with speed. The AirMax and AirFiber product lines you
might want to explore. I only run standard data over the radios no voice
or video yet. I have only deployed in a PTP setting.

Most wireless radios are advertised by the aggregate amount of bandwidth
they can support versus what you will see via full duplex. When
exploring wireless radios if you need the link to be 150Mbps full duplex
then you need to look for a radio that can sustain at least 300Mbps or
higher. Radios by UBNT are typically 100Mbps to 150Mbps and some people
bond the radios together using LACP on the switch to achieve higher
speeds. However, with AirFiber they have a 1.4Gbps radio now using 24
Ghz license for free the distance is only 13 km though.

Where are you deploying this link? What's the distance? Is this a PTP


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Dear Friends,
I wanna buy a free license radio with more that 150Mpbs capacity (full
duplex), and I found a company in middle east who has Spectrum-DMR-104-1
available right now, any body has experience about that? Is it really
300Mbps radio?

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