Does anyone use anycast DHCP service?

sthaug at sthaug at
Mon Aug 13 16:18:02 UTC 2012

> I think it would be far more reliable to simply have two independent
> DHCP servers with mutually exclusive address ranges, and have one
> system be secondary and "delay" its responses by 2s so it always
> "loses" when the primary is up and running well.
> Yes, you lose the ability for clients to get the same IP during a
> lease refresh if the primary is down, but that is a small price to pay
> for simplicity and robustness.

That depends on your scenario. In some situations it is important to
get the same IP. In other situations, using potentially double the
address space is unacceptable.

If these points are not a problem for you, I certainly agree that two
independent servers are potentially more reliable than a clustered

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