IPV6 Anycast for streaming

Oliver olipro at 8.c.9.b.
Sun Aug 12 09:25:49 UTC 2012

On Sunday 12 August 2012 04:11:25 Voice of the Blind ™ Network Operation 
> Hello,
> is a anycasted Prefix a good idea for Streaming?
> here's what we're thinking about:
> 1. get a /48 from a LIR or a RIR and anounce it through Hurricanne
> through several Tunnel server including Singapor, New york and
> Amsterdam
> 2. run 3 diferent Icecast server  in each of the locations where
> frankfurd would be the Master Server while the 2 others would be a
> slave relay
> 3. Assign same Ipv6 address to each of the icecast server where we
> would be using other prefix to do Inter server communication
> so if someone is in North America would go through new york, if is in
> south east asia would be throug SG, otherwise africa/Europ would go
> through Frankfurd
> is that a good idea for streaming performance ?
> any other suggestion is welcome
> Thank you

What you are talking about isn't really Anycast from the perspective of the 
rest of the world since what you're saying sounds like you'll just be single-
homed behind HE.

Regardless of whether you peer with HE in multiple locations or just one, the 
AS path is still going to be the same and will enter into 6939 at whatever the 
BGP-closest point is - the Anycast aspect essentially exists only between you 
and HE.

Providing HE are configuring a discriminator across their iBGP routers to take 
the shortest path at entry points you're not directly peered to, the whole 
thing should Just Work, sudden topology changes notwithstanding.


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