Anyone can suggest a good and reliable VPS provider in India ?

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Fri Aug 10 17:31:30 UTC 2012

On 8/10/12 9:14 AM, fc lists wrote:
> Hi ...
> This is my last resort. Apologies if this have been discussed before or if
> is totally OT ... but i figured i could find some useful help here.
> I need to find a good VPS provider in India where to setup a small set of
> machines in a Virtual Internal Private network (L2TPD/IPSEC) and an
> extenrnal VPN to other sites with (IPinIP tunnels and IPSEC)
> after doing research on internet i decided to try out CTRLs (
> that looked the best in terms of ... everything.
> What looks the best is not always the best as it turns out ...
> I had all possible problems with them on any layer you can imagine ... from
> having a server deployed on XEN that would be moved to OPENVZ on rebuild
> (Bad but not the worst) ... to horrible packet loss to half of the world
> that basically made them unusable for anything serious.
> The only requirements i have is that the VPS should be close enough to
> MUMBAI (don't have an ISP there yet so can't really say "close to what" )
> and that their are reliable from a network point of view.
> Does anyone have any GOOD experience with VPS in india to share with me ?

Host Virtual ( has a location in India. I've had occasional
issues with them like sometimes the host server becomes i/o starved and
blocks for a minute or network connectivity randomly becomes lossy.
Nothing devastating, just a nuisance when it pages since I use it for
external telemetry. I just kind of let it slide most of the time though
because it's cheap.


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