Bell Canada outage?

David Miller dmiller at
Wed Aug 8 20:49:55 UTC 2012

On 8/8/2012 4:14 PM, Steve Dalberg wrote:
> CPU's were pegged for a customer of mine in California.  tracked it
> down to 2 events that went down at that time with a large message
> volume.
> 1)  Peering between GLBX and Level3 dopped somewhere, causing many
> prefixes to shift away from L3 paths.

FYI: We saw significant route churn on GBLX (AS3549) as well as on Tata.

> 2)  Some IPv6 prefixes were aggressively bouncing from HE starting at
> 11:25.  Can't trace it any further upstream for HE unfortunately.
> This cause lots of CPU churn on one of my customers networks
> May or may not be related.

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