BGPttH. Neustar can do it, why can't we?

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Mon Aug 6 23:36:40 UTC 2012

On 8/6/12 4:15 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Owen DeLong <owen at> wrote:
>> That's simply not true at all...
>> Let's look at what it takes to configure BGP as I suggested...
>> 1. The ASN number of the two providers
>> 2. The ASN to be used for the local side
>> 3. The IP Address to use on the local end of each connection
>> 4. The IP Address to peer with on each connection
>> 5. The prefix(es) to be advertised.
> Add to that:
> 6. Primary A, Primary B, Balanced (routing priority via AS path prepends)
> 7. Optional password for each session (some ISPs require one)
> Or take another tack: have the SOHO router accept a URL for each BGP
> connection and have the provider build the config. Then all you enter
> is your provider-assigned interface address, a DNS server address and
> a URL.
> Your point is well taken. A leaf node BGP configuration could be
> simplified to the point where it fits on a SOHO router config page and
> does not require an expert to configure.

This is all being approached from the wrong angle; there's too much
technical talk. "BGP to the Home" needs to be sales/marketing driven.
(You're allowed to use buzzwords with no actual meaning though.)


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