Wanted: Asia bandwidth test files

David Wilde David.Wilde at aarnet.edu.au
Mon Aug 6 23:08:26 UTC 2012

Hi Micah,

You could try mirror.aarnet.edu.au, if Australia is sufficiently Asian for you...


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I'm sitting on what is advertised as a 100mbit/sec connection in Cambodia. I have been trying to verify that, because I do not believe it is valid.

I did iperf tests from a number of network locations, and at one point I did get 71mbit/sec (most of the results were around 20-25mbit/sec or less). But I dont think 30 second iperf tests are particularly revealing when the bandwith rate might change drastically over the day. I considered doing a 3 day iperf test, but somehow this seems not how the tool was designed.

Someone suggested I find test files from various Asian locations to download via wget. I found a bunch of 100mb test files for various providers in N. America and Europe on webhostingtalk, which were interesting, but I never got more than around 5mbit/sec with them.

Does anyone have any machines in Japan, S. Korea, or other asian locations with good bandwidth. where they can host a 100mbit file so I can attempt to download it to test this?

Other suggestions for reliable tests would also be welcome! Please, dont suggest some flash garbage :)



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