Verizon FiOS - is BGP an option?

Jimmy Hess mysidia at
Sun Aug 5 18:33:01 UTC 2012

On 8/5/12, Peter Kristolaitis <alter3d at> wrote:
> My point is more along the line of if you're depending on a service which
> provides only best-effort on uptime (as Bill Herrin mentioned, some
> providers can barely manage 2 nines of 911 uptime) and to which you're
> connected by a single, fault-prone connection, and which provides no
> guarantee of service even if you CAN contact them,  calling it "critical" is
> kind of a joke, and you'd probably get laughed at by a risk analyst.  If

I've yet to hear of a successful lawsuit bringing a victim back to
life. Criticality is defined based on the impact and importance of the
service not working correctly, not on its actual lack of fault
tolerance mechanisms.

The lack of proper reliability,  if/where that's the case, is a
regulatory issue  that should be addressed by citizens contacting
their government, and entering complaints with their elected reps.

> you're serious about protecting health and home, you'd  better have some
> other plan in place that doesn't have a ridiculous number of single points
> of failure.

Plan away,  there are still situations where assistance would be
absolutely essential.
Your example of   "add a Dog and Gun" to the plan    may help  in case
of "Police not available";  it  won't help against multiple armed
adversaries carrying drugged meat to seduce dogs,  who just want to
kill without regard.   It won't help in case of  no response to call
for Fire department   or Medical.

Dogs and Guns are also dangerous implements, require skills to operate
and a great deal of care and mainteinance,   there are more people
accidentally injured or killed by them,  or discharging them
illegally, or their guns getting stolen and turned against them, than
successfully using them in a legal tactically appropriate way for

> Pete

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