Verizon FiOS - is BGP an option?

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As someone else posted, many FTTH installations are centralized as much as
possible to avoid having non-passive equipment in the plant, allowing for
the practicality of onsite generators.  That's what we do.  But for those
who have powered nodes in the field (distributed/tiered BPON or GPON
configurations and cable plants), it's not realistic to keep them all
powered.  Despite what the DOT may be able to do.


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> A good portable generator is more than $500, and if it's a wide-spread
> outage there's not enough portable generators to go around, and if there
> were, not enough people to set them and give them their fluids.

Doesn't take a "good" generator to maintain a -48V battery string.
Drop it off. Plug it in. Start it up. Task some folks on an 8 hour
loop to keep the tanks topped off.

If the DOT, not noted for its efficiency, can get the major traffic
lights up and running on generators the next day, why can't Sprint,
Cox and Verizon get their towers and fiber concentrators powered up?
That's a condemnation worthy of the word: that your company performed
worse in the storm recovery than the local department of

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