US House to ITU: Hands off the Internet

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Subject: Re: US House to ITU: Hands off the Internet Date: Sat, Aug 04, 2012 at 03:13:53AM +0400 Quoting Dmitry Burkov (dburk at
> in my stupid opinion it is the problem of a new global still developing global market - key dominated players are from  our countries - which see on them as on strategical national strategic assets. Should I explain more?
> Or it is already clear?
> I classified censorship and IPR protection in the same manner or I mistaken?

The problem with the ITU idea (apart from being to a certain extent a
me-too scheme) is that it is playing in the hands of nation-states that
wish to regulate flows of revenue and information in a manner that is
detrimental to operational practices for running networks efficiently
(on-topic) and business models for operators (somewhat on-topic)  --
and then we haven't even gotten started on the phenomenal possibilities
of instigating government-run monopolies and information chokepoints by
implementing network infrastructure and adressing plans as if IP was
E.164 and there only was one ISP per country. (slightly off-topic)

Support for these ideas can -- IMNSHO -- only come from those who
have something to lose when there is free flow of information and free
establisment of business relations.

Far from wanting to taint the entire ITU by universal attribution I'd
suspect that this is the brain-child of a number of distinct nation-states
who have identified themselves as possibly in need of thwarted cashflow
(from gov't-supported monopolies with fantasy pricing schemes) or feel
that they need to alter the information picture for their subjects.

Either that or the entire ITU-T still believes that SS7 scales better than BGP. 

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