Verizon FiOS - is BGP an option?

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On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 5:17 PM, William Herrin <bill at> wrote:
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>> On Aug 3, 2012, at 12:31 , William Herrin <bill at> wrote:
>>> Could be worse. I could have Pepco instead of Dominion. But it could
>>> be better. And 20 years ago the reliability was.
>> 20 years ago you didn't have a megabit to your home let alone many
>> megabits. 20 years ago, POTS was much simpler than the converged
>> networks we have today. There is something to be said for the simplicity
>> of POTS.
>> If you're that concerned about calling 911 for a heat stroke, why don't
>> you maintain a POTS line?
> When Verizon installed FIOS in the neighborhood they removed the
> copper lines to each house. It was understood and accepted that if the

ACTUALLY... no. they are NOT supposed to do this, in fact they said to
congress that they were NOT removing copper, not clipping it outside
the prem (despite what I've seen with my own eyes...).

I think it's actually a violation for them to clip the copper, and to
not support it, since it was put in with public funds... but ianal and
all that patrick stuff.

> household fiber adapters did not receive power the battery would fail
> in a few hours. That the upstream would fail, even for folks who took
> measures to continue to power the fiber adapter, was unexpected and
> very unfortunate. If they can run a copper pair back to a powerable
> location then it escapes me why they can't do the same with a single
> strand of fiber.

they do not want to be beholden to the PUC if they can avoid it...

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