Verizon FiOS - is BGP an option?

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A good portable generator is more than $500, and if it's a wide-spread
outage there's not enough portable generators to go around, and if there
were, not enough people to set them and give them their fluids.  And it
doesn't pay to put a natural gas (or similar) generator at every node for
those rare instances where the battery does not suffice.


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> The central plant days are mostly gone; there's
> fiber huts everywhere and not enough trucks/manpower (in my area a
> lineman sits in his truck and reads a book while tethered to the power
> kiosk) to run them all if the outage is too widespread for too long.

They put a quarter million dollars into the fiber hut. They can't put
a $500 gasoline generator in a warehouse 50 miles away and go pick it
up when there's an extended outage?

I'll give Verizon a little credit. They restored service after about
12 hours of outage. Cox didn't restore service until 12 hours *after*
my power came back on.

Could be worse. I could have Pepco instead of Dominion. But it could
be better. And 20 years ago the reliability was.


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