Verizon FiOS - is BGP an option?

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Fri Aug 3 15:26:53 UTC 2012


     Yes the easier way to do it is have your subnet routed to someone 
that is willing to colo your router, or provide your with something like 
NHRP, and use a 87x on your brand new unnamed Cable/DSL provider to 
create a NHRP tunnel for it.

     We have many customers which required that kind of tunnel to bypass 
some belligerent TelCo.

     But if you're going to drop your T1 for Cable/DSL get 2 of them 
using different technology and from different provider (aka 1 Cable and 
1 DSL =D).

     Have fun.

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On 08/03/12 10:31, Richard Miller wrote:
> This is a fascinating thread!
> I have had multiple class C address blocks assigned to us for many years (since
> the 80's) I have 2 T1 connections and one of them is up for contract renewal. I
> have wanted to replace one of the expensive T1s for a long time. DSL and Cable
> are available here at reasonable prices (no FIOS yet) However, even after they
> tell me they will do it, no provider will route even a single /24 (/30) for me.
> Mostly it's Verizon and/or Time Warner.
> I would love to have another solution. All I really need is to maintain the IPs
> on my servers so they are public/world accessible. (Email/Web/FTP/telnet(!))
> Perhaps I can route to a co-located server then a tunnel back to the server farm
> over a static IP DSL or Cable link???
> I am stumped.
> Any ideas?
> Rich

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