UCSF Network Admin??

Henry Stryker henry at hup.org
Wed Aug 1 18:07:47 UTC 2012

On 08/01/12 10:51 , Robert Glover wrote:
> We are not able to query their DNS servers from our network.  We've got
> users not able to access anything UCSF due to this.

I am querying them OK.  I am in US AZ.  I am also able to reach

[hyperion]/usr/local# dig www.ucsf.edu @ucsfns2.ucsf.edu
www.ucsf.edu.		3600	IN	A
ucsf.edu.		3600	IN	NS	ucsfns1.ucsf.edu.
ucsf.edu.		3600	IN	NS	adns2.Berkeley.edu.
ucsf.edu.		3600	IN	NS	adns1.Berkeley.edu.
ucsf.edu.		3600	IN	NS	ucsfns2.ucsf.edu.
adns1.Berkeley.edu.	172800	IN	A
adns1.Berkeley.edu.	3600	IN	AAAA	2607:f140:ffff:fffe::3
adns2.Berkeley.edu.	172800	IN	A
adns2.Berkeley.edu.	3600	IN	AAAA	2607:f140:ffff:fffe::e
ucsfns1.ucsf.edu.	3600	IN	A
ucsfns2.ucsf.edu.	3600	IN	A
;; Query time: 41 msec
;; WHEN: Wed Aug  1 11:02:46 2012
;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 270

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