rpki vs. secure dns?

Dmitry Burkov dburk at burkov.aha.ru
Mon Apr 30 10:55:26 CDT 2012

Randy -
you know that I'm enough stupid- means straightforward - 

may be the way is not only technical (recomendations design) - but also to combine with some policy changes as
splitting allocations and assignments (may be changing who is responsible for what?)

Or we follow the traditional way(means hierarchy) or we are capable to introduce one more 
level for flexebility - we should be honest that all techinical design just follows some political or quasi-political decisions.
But I think it can be changed.

On Apr 30, 2012, at 7:46 PM, Randy Bush wrote:

>> We need more flexible, distributed architecture behind - no matter -
>> which interests will be lobbied as we have got already.
> as i agree that there is a problem, i *very* eagerly await your proposal
> randy

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