Squeezing IPs out of ARIN

Luke S. Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Sat Apr 28 02:18:41 CDT 2012

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 01:32:17PM -0400, admin at thecpaneladmin.com wrote:
> Anyone have any tips for getting IPs from ARIN? For an end-user 
> allocation they are requesting that we provide customer names for 
> existing allocations, which is information that will take a while to 
> obtain. They are insisting that this is standard process and something 
> that everyone does when requesting IPs.  Has anyone actually had to do 
> this?

I have.  

clearly, I should have asked, or looked closer, but  when I started
this mess? it was not at all clear to me that ARIN saw things that went
into a home as 'residential' and everything else as 'business'  - but
from my reading and their reactions to my questions, that's how they see 
it.  If it's in a data center and not in a residence, you need to 
give them a name (human or business) for every reassigned IP, 
even if the reassignment is a /32.

Probably the majority of my VPSs?  personal use, but not residential.

I started with changing the privacy policy, and blogged about it, asking
for at least 80% of the people to opt-in.  Maybe 2% did.   I gave it 
months, then I emailed everyone, asking them to opt-out.   I gave them
two weeks, maybe 2% did.   

So yeah; eh, nobody got mad at me for it, and I think some people were
impressed that I emailed them when I made such a large change to 
the privacy policy (that isn't expected?)  so I guess it all turned out
okay, but yeah.  ARIN wants a name of some sort for every 
/32.  (Now, I just did a query against my billing database and returned
the business name and only returned the human name if there was no 
business name.)


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