RPKI production support on Cisco, also EFT

Alex Band alexb at ripe.net
Wed Apr 25 03:47:18 CDT 2012

I didn't see any post on this topic here, so I just want to mention that RPKI is officially supported on these Cisco platforms:
ASR1000, 7600, ASR903 and ASR901 – releases are 15.2(1)S or XE 3.5.

Early Field Trial is available for the following platforms (contact bduvivie at cisco dot com): 
ASR9000, CRS1, CRS3 and c12K (IOS-XR). 

Source (in French): http://reseauxblog.cisco.fr/2012/04/23/jai-teste-pour-vous-securiser-le-routage-sur-internet/

The RIPE NCC also just released RPKI Validator 2.1.0 with some new features and improvements:

Here are instructions on how to hook up our Validator toolset to one of the Ciscos above:


Alex Band
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