Squeezing IPs out of ARIN

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
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On 4/24/12, admin at thecpaneladmin.com <admin at thecpaneladmin.com> wrote:
> Anyone have any tips for getting IPs from ARIN? For an end-user
> allocation they are requesting that we provide customer names for
> existing allocations, which is information that will take a while to
> obtain. They are insisting that this is standard process and something
> that everyone does when requesting IPs.  Has anyone actually had to do
> this?

First, distinguish whether you're looking for an ISP allocation or an
end-user assignment.

If you're an end user then you're not allocating IP addresses to
customers. I know you think you are, but trust me: you're not. You're
assigning a block of addresses to 20 servers in the computer room and
a block of addresses to 50 PCs on the LAN, and so forth. Where you
claim servers connected to the Internet, expect to provide a list of
current IPs or URLs which you claim will be moved onto the new

You don't plan to use NAT anywhere because real IP addresses are
better. Right? And if you have a customer at site B then you're doing
the same thing at site B: X servers here, Y desktops there. Not at
customer B, at _your site_ B.

Also, you're multihoming. You already requested and received an ASN
and you've provided a copy of bills from two different Internet
vendors both listing your business name and location. Because if
you're not multihoming then you have to have many many more computers.
So many computers, in fact, that you'd have to be crazy not to

If you're an ISP, the rules are a little different. A few of your
addresses will be specified as above but most will be listed as
"assigned to Customer XYZ, address, name, phone number." Expect to
provide customer name, address, contact name, contact email and phone
number. If you don't wanna, you don't get to play at national registry
level. Go get IPs from your upstream.

For your largest customer assignments, expect to also present some
basic documentation of their use in the same form as above: 50 PCs on
the LAN, 20 servers in the computer room, etc. Because that's what the
customer gave you to justify receiving those addresses. Pursuant to
ARIN policy which as an ISP you follow. Right?

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