Squeezing IPs out of ARIN

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue Apr 24 13:58:55 CDT 2012

On 24-Apr-12 12:32, admin at thecpaneladmin.com wrote:
> Anyone have any tips for getting IPs from ARIN? For an end-user
> allocation they are requesting that we provide customer names for
> existing allocations, which is information that will take a while to
> obtain.

There are no "end-user allocations".  Allocations go to ISPs;
assignments go to end-users.

Which are you?  From the sound of it, you're an ISP requesting an
allocation, and ARIN is requesting documentation of the assignments
you've made to end users from your previous allocation(s) to verify you
really need more--as required by community policy.

If you're doing an even marginally competent job of managing your
previous allocation(s), this data should be readily available in /some/
form, and providing it to ARIN should require little more effort than
pinging your lawyers to verify the appropriate NDA is in place.

If you're /not/ doing a marginally competent job of managing your
previous allocation(s), you're not going to get more until you learn to
do a better job of it.  In my experience, going through that learning
experience will uncover a lot of unused space that will likely make your
current request moot (for now).  And that's a big part of the point.

> They are insisting that this is standard process and something that
> everyone does when requesting IPs.  Has anyone actually had to do this?

Everyone /should/ be required to provide documentation of justification
for all requests to any RIR.  If you're aware of anyone who /hasn't/,
let us know so we can beat up the RIR in question.


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