Partial Outage with TW Telecom and CenturyLink

Eric C. Miller eric at
Tue Apr 24 08:22:00 CDT 2012

Morning Everyone,

Yesterday between about 1900 and 2230 UTC, we had a partial drop with reaching various sites through TW Telecom from our circuit in Orlando, FL. The unavailable sites included Facebook, Newegg, and Godaddy. The outage did not affect our Atlanta TW Telecom. I confered with a colleague who manages a large customer in Apopka who said that they appeared not to be affected. His circuit and ours loop to the same TW Telecom POP.

But even more Murphy than that, our Centurylink secondary circuit was having a routing loop issue at the same time, so while our BGP routes were being advertised to world through Centurylink, the circuit was useless. Centurylink aknowledged the existence of a bigger transport issue and said that we weren't the only customer affected.

Anybody else notice these issues or have any other insight?


Eric Miller

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