Colocation in New York for a POP

Dan Golding dgolding at
Fri Apr 20 12:52:30 CDT 2012

111 8th Avenue is probably your best choice for straight-up Internet
peering and transit. However, this largely depends on your traffic. If
you do a lot of long distance voice, for example, 60 Hudson can be a
better choice. There is also a good amount of peering at 165 Halsey in
NJ, right across the river. 
Whichever you choose - there is inexpensive transport between these

In a choice between Equinix and Telx, I think there are many factors to
choose from - price, level of customer service, contract length, ability
to expand, and facility quality. How you weigh these factors depends on
your own business. 

- Dan

As far as which specific pr

> From: Abdelkader Chikh Daho [mailto:achikhdaho at]
> Hi,
> Thanks a lot for all your inputs and feedback.
> My goal is to peer with a lot of networks especially ISPs. We are
> mainly
> a content provider. Tlex and Equinix seem to be the obvioius choice
> a neutral colocation facility. According to your experience, between
> Hudson and 111 8th Avenue, which one I should choose?
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