Colocation in New York for a POP

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The Telehouse 25 Broadway facility (last I heard) is currently planned to be shut down by somewhere around June 2013 if I remember correctly... so you'll want to keep that in mind. They have plenty of other options including a new facility and other existing ones as well as other colo providers in the area (Equinix, Telx, etc.). There are lots of choices. "Best" is relative to your specific requirements which is why there is competition. :)


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I have had good experiences with TeleHouse America and their 25 Broadway facility, with some solid peering options - although being central New York, co-location can be a little more expensive there. As an alternative, they have an impressive facility in Staten Island, NY which I understand can accommodate for smaller requirements as well.

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Hi everyone,

Can some one please tell us what is the best Colo in New york to set up
a POP (one cabinet) in order to get bandwidth, peering (NIIX, etc).

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